7 Days till Guatemala…

A white plastic chair in her driveway is where she sits every day waiting and watching the world pass by. From time to time she limps up and down the street putting most of her trust onto a four legged cane. She stares at me with a hard but sad face, its almost as if I had done something to hurt her, and at times I feel as if I owe her something. We exchange simple hand gestures, head nods and even a rare smile ever so often. My heart aches for this woman. For the past three years It seems we’ve formed a silent relationship yet I don’t even know her name. I find myself judging her and wondering how she could possibly be happy with this kind of lonely window view lifestyle.

One week from today I embark on a two year mission to Guatemala, where I will be serving along side the Church of Calvary La Esperanza. I will have the opportunity to share the Love of Christ to a poverty stricken country, and bring hope to the hurting.  But I still can’t help to think about the woman across the street. Will I have to say to myself that I missed the opportunity to give hope to the ones in my own hypothetical back yard first?

Weird as it may seem I will miss her. I wonder if she will miss me or even notice I’m gone? As I observe the lives of the people in Guatemala I will ask myself the same question, “How could they possibly be happy with this kind of lifestyle?” I must remind myself, who am I to judge. How dare I look upon someone else’s situation and belittle them cause of it.

My hopes and prayers are for God to use me to empower the people of Guatemala. To give them the hope and grace I’ve received in my life and let them know they are loved by God in such an incomprehensible way.

But first things first, the woman in the white chair…